Bridge of Hope Community Church | Shepherd Texas Church

Bridge of Hope Community Church | Shepherd Texas Church

Our Story:

Pastors Charles and Rachel never imagined being founders of a church in Shepherd, Texas. Pastor Charles was called into the ministry to pastor in 2005, but did not know his mission field would be Shepherd until 2008. After many heartfelt conversations and much prayer, we became a united-front and formally established Bridge of Hope Community Church, Inc., in 2013. We knew we were called to build a grass-roots church that would bridge social, cultural, racial, economical, and denominational barriers by developing a non-denominational, Christ-Centered, Spirit-Led atmosphere to promote God’s unconditional love, regardless of where people had come from, what they looked like, or where they were in their spiritual walk. We have a vision to promote Hope through salvation, healing, deliverance, and restoration for all.

After being in Shepherd since October 26, 2014, we still see the vision of Bridge of Hope Community Church coming to pass as being a safe-haven to those hurting the most by the effects of this world.

The first thing we want people to experience at BOHCC, is God’s presence, power, and unconditional love manifested in the midst of a diverse gathering of people who have a unified purpose of seeking the Lord. We always greet people with a hug, and we take time to visit with friends and to introduce ourselves to newcomers. We believe that a big part of people choosing a church to call home is based on how they were treated upon their initial visit. We welcome you to become part of the family of God by becoming a part of Bridge of Hope Community Church.

We will strive to usher in an atmosphere of God’s presence, power, and love, through Spirit-led worship where the Holy Spirit can move freely in the hearts and souls of those whom He is reaching out to. Our goal is to shepherd God’s people into His presence with biblical truth presented through relevant and engaging teachings that apply the Word in a practical manner to help others live Christ-centered lives.

Our hope is that Bridge of Hope Community Church will bring the people of today back to the biblical roots of yesterday, through Spirited praise and worship, fellowship, communion, and service; where needs are met through intercessory prayer, and the community is blessed through our compassionate outreach.

You might be a devoted Christian desiring to grow deeper in Christ, or you might be seeking Christ for the first time or the tenth time! Regardless, you have a family at Bridge of Hope Community Church.

~Jesus, the only Hope of bridging the gap between God and man~