BOHCC Leaders

BOHCC Leaders

Pastor Charles Kibble

Pastor Charles Kibble was raised in Shepherd, Texas and graduated from Shepherd High School in 1982. He served his country in the Marines for ten years, and he also served the State of Texas for twenty years as a State Trooper and Criminal Investigator. Pastor Charles experienced the personal life-changing, unconditional love of God on November 19, 2001, by accepting Jesus as his personal Savior. He began sharing the Gospel message with others that same day. He began preaching in prisons, and later established a men’s & women’s adult discipleship ministry called Purity with Purpose, of which he and his wife led for five years. Pastor Charles attended a two-year School of Ministry program and has taught adult discipleship studies for ten years.

Several years before retiring from the DPS, Pastor Charles was ordained as a pastor by his church and Senior Pastor in Humble, Texas. Up until his retirement, Pastor Charles diligently served the Lord as a street evangelist for twelve years. Pastor Charles formally established Bridge of Hope Community Church in November 2013 and is ordained as the Senior Pastor. Because God accepted Pastor Charles just the way he was, he is compelled to help bridge the gap between God and man by sharing the love of God with others.

Pastor Rachel Kibble

Pastor Charles’s wife Rachel is the co-founder and Executive Pastor, who labors alongside him. She was born into a Christian family and has had a personal relationship with Christ since she was a teenager. She and Pastor Charles have been married for thirty years, and have four children. Pastor Rachel has served in women’s ministry for the greater part of fifteen years, and her heart is toward serving women and children of God.

Pastor Rachel’s life purpose is to raise her children to know and love Jesus, to walk side by side with her husband as they walk together in unity and God’s love; and to extend the hand of grace in unconditional love the way the Father has done for her.