Bridge of Hope Community Church Mission Statement

Bridge of Hope Community Church Mission Statement

Build bridges and destroy fences between a real God and real people,

Equip them with real answers for real questions in life,

Send them out to make a real difference!

  • Our mission at Bridge of Hope Community Church is to labor in God’s love and compassion and to do whatever possible in human strength to seek out those who are not in relationship with our Savior.
  • Our mission is to equip those who are, to fully understand who they are in Christ Jesus, and that they really can achieve all things through Him. To help them fully understand His finished work of the cross, and to help them develop a deeper intimacy with Him.
  • Our mission is to encourage fellow believer’s to reach beyond themselves out to those who are where they once were, be it at home, work, in public, or missions. We want to help all people become who God originally created and called them to be.
  • Our mission is to teach and lead by the example of Christ that everyone who knows The Savior has been given at least one spiritual gift, one talent, and a certain amount of faith to be selflessly used to multiply the kingdom of God.

~ Jesus, the only hope in bridging the gap between God and man ~